Thanks to all that showed up. Great day for a shoot and everything worked just as we planned – we have nice footage now. Max, Mania, Robert and David and of course with the worst framing ever – Ducati Monster SR2 – courtesy of MAX.

Mania and Max – thanks for the lovely evening – hope you didnt get too cold. Robert – don’t even know how to express this in words – thanks for coming and helping us out. Please check some of the videos from Robert at .

PS. Robert – just seen the video from China – man, how did you not expect this to render for 19 hours hehe. Great shots you have there.

PS2. Note to remember to take proper group shots after every session :)

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  • Rob . October 18, 2009 .

    That was really good evening :D

  • Lukasz . November 6, 2009 .

    Awesome video, drink less coffee :D

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