DAA Dublin Airport Terminal 2 Commercial is out!

November 19, 2010.Peter.0 Likes.2 Comments

We have been given a chance to work for the guys from Blinder at the new DAA Terminal 2 commercial for Dublin Airport, which opens this month, November 2010. The ad features Irish actor David Murray, making his way through the new terminal and musing on Ireland’s contribution to the world.

The add was produced by Blinder and directed by Hadi. I had a chance to work with the camera dept for two days of the shooting. Great experience and hopefully more of such things will come to BigSmokeStudio :)

Some shots of the day (sorry for the quality but obviously there was no time to shoot some proper shots)

6 am on Thursday – quite a wakeup call for the start.

Shot on Panavision camera with 8583 Fuji stock.

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  • Mania . November 17, 2010 .

    Hej there! that’s a surprise! i did’nt know you were working with them on this. Congrats! good job :)

  • (Author) Peter . November 17, 2010 .

    Thanks Ania :) Yup was back in September, quite some time already.

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