TwentyNine Wicklow St is the newest shop based in the heart of Dublin, Wicklow St. This is one of the best spots a shop can have in this town just above the William Hill bookies. TwentyNine Wicklow brings the fresh breeze into Irish tattoo scene. Joseph Deegan is a full-time artist in thebig shop and even it only has been just opened, shop seems to have amazing guest spots coming up, beginning with Bradley Tompkins (Jan 21st and 22nd). Joseph Deegan of Gnosis Tattoo is a multi-talented guy, a mastermind behind black metal bands like Slidhr, Myrkr , Haud Mundus and also a former member of Sol Axis. However a man behind the shop is Cian Wright, very young fella who started with a blog about traditional tattoos and ending up as owner of Swallows & Daggers – amazing magazine about traditional tattoos, his website is one of the best resources for old school tattoos. We’ve covered a little story of one of the guys behind traditional tattoo scene and Swallows & Daggers in this article here.

There is also one of the oldest, most established shops in Dublin called Classic Ink , which is also very known around the globe. Tommy TTT is the brain behind that legendary place and one of the most respected tattooist in Ireland, known for his very traditional take on tattoo and impecable script. Classic Ink is an amazing shop with walls covered with Tommy’s and Walter’s flash, this place is no gimmicks, just real tattoo shop. Around Dublin Tattoo Convention 2010 time, American artist Rachel Schilling had a guestspot in Classic Ink, some time before Eric Michalovich  who also has been a guest of Dublin Tattoo Convention for last couple of years.

You can call him “Fighting Irish”, Sean Drumm  is very talented, stylish gentleman from Dublin and also promising tattoo artists who finished apprenticeship just 12 months ago at ‘The Razors Edge’ in Kildare, now working in the same shop.

What needs to be mentioned is the fact that Polish tattoo artists are big part of Irish scene. Couple of years ago it was just few artists working in studios across the country. One of them was Mariusz Romanowicz who moved back to Poland few and now works in Rock N Ink (Krakow, Poland). Mariusz worked in Snake Bite (Abbey St) along with Pawel Lewicki, with the latter moving to recently open shop called Skin City. Pawel Lewicki is a “versatile artsit with 13 years of experience and lots of prizes won at Tattoo Conventions in Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and Poland. Loves to work with colours in all different styles. If you’re looking for fantasy, comic book or colourful bio-mech tattoo he’s your man”.

Marcin Sonski has been living in Ireland for the past 5 years and and is known for his great realistic style. Started in Connected Ink just on Abbey St and now works can be found at Zulu. He started off 8 years ago however last 5 years have been the most succesfull. In January Zulu has moved to 26 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1. Along with Wojciech Sokun, Marcin was one of the finest in Ireland in their category, both award-winners at many conventions. Just like Mariusz Romanowicz, Wojciech Sokun has moved back to Poland and opened his own shop Nautilus in city of Wroclaw.

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  • Hilary Moran via Facebook . July 13, 2011 .

    Ok now I want another tattoo!

  • Big Smoke Studio via Facebook . July 13, 2011 .

    You have some options in links on the page Hilary :) Thanks for visiting.

  • Loko . July 13, 2011 .

    Jak zawsze! foty klasa! respect dla Fotografa:)

  • Mania . July 13, 2011 .

    az mi sie znowu zachcialo kolejnego tattoo :]

  • Shazz Obg via Facebook . July 26, 2011 .

    its about time someone payed a bit of attention to the irish tattoo scene, theres sooo many big characters in our tiny city!! i’d say you’ll get loads to work with!

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