Isabel- outdoor session at Bull’s Island, Dublin.

March 31, 2010.Peter.0 Likes.6 Comments

A week before we had a chance of collaborating with two great girls – Isabel was modelling for us on the day and Olga was a great make-up artist. We decided to hit Bull’s Island on the spot and though had a plan for another day with heavy clouds, the weather as always turned upside down in the middle of March for us.  As you can see from the shots this doesn’t look anything close to March, specially when we had snow in here two days ago. It was around 15 degrees at least so we even came back tanned a little ( yeah right – not happening in Ireland).  More to come …

Thanks to everyone involved and I hope we will meet again for another shoot sooner than later.

Comments (6)

  • Mania . April 1, 2010 .

    Woow! beautiful photos, beautiful girl, and amazing freckles !!

  • Blanka . April 1, 2010 .

    Coś niesamowitego:) po prostu brak słów..

  • sandra . April 2, 2010 .

    szok!! po prostu szczęka opada:] pięęęęękna moja!!!:*:*

  • many . April 2, 2010 .

    Dobra żyla…a foty jeszcze lepsze

  • Kira . April 2, 2010 .

    Beautiful shots as always, Piotr!

  • misia . April 6, 2010 .


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