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Last months were quite busy for us in BigSmokeStudio – that busy that Dave had to take a week off and just go and chill somewhere with the board and some kites – hopefully he will bring some nice photo treasures from his travels. For the time being, I wanted to update you guys on the first post of the old posts :) This is what was going on lately in the land of BigSmoke. Dudes, Andy and Michael from came over with their workshops to Dublin and we could all hang around and shoot some street portraits at its best – with proper lights and learning curve – I think we used as much of it as we could. It was all laid back atmosphere and I cannot praise it more – If you didn’t have a chance – go check their website and possibly sign up to any of their workshops – guys are making the tour around USA now and if there is a demand they are cool to come back to Europe. If you are somewhere far – go on and buy their V-book. Its a big download, but its something you want to use your download limit for( if you have such thing) :). Its packed with all the videos, shooting diagrams, composition advices and many more – all this for only 15$. This is what you can learn on your own from the guys if you cannot attend the workshops.
We have loads of shots from the week and hopefully will make one or more posts from those days, still need to edit some. For now you can go to flickr Dublin Strobist group for more shots or simply go straight away to their flickr group here.

Guys are using Westcott and Blackrapid equipment, but one of the additions that they brought to Dublin was Saberstrip, a portable light modifier in the tube (You can see Mikey holding it in the last shots with some yellow useful gaffer tape on it) Great modifier and cannot wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully, guys will have be able to release it soon and have some special pricing for Europe (with reasonable shipping prices). Loads of interesting stuff you can do with Backpackers studio as you can see from the results below.




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    Cool shots man!!!


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