Red Bull Cliff Diving 2014 Aran Island, Ireland

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The hard facts are exactly that – hard. You take off from the 27m platform, accelerate faster than a sports car during your spins and twists and hit the water at speeds of approximately 85kmh just three seconds later. The impact on the body is exceptionally hard. On a body that is not protected at all; at least not visibly.

Ireland was a third stop for the World Series Red Bull Cliff Diving. The big island among a group of three is home to legendary Serpent’s Lair – “Poll na Peist” in Gaelic – a “blowhole” or a shoreline window to subterranean caverns, which spurt out water each day as high tide approaches. What gives this place an inexplicable and mysterious nature is the near-perfectly rectangular shape of the hole. After 2012 this was a second time the cliff diving elite returned to the place. First time the island welcomed the divers with wind, rain and stormy conditions – this time – quite an opposite.


Redbull cliff diving Gary Hunt

UK diver Gary Hunt – winner of 2014 Inis Mor, Red Bull Cliff Diving Ireland

 has won the third leg of the 2014 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series after a battling performance on Inis Mór. Set over two days, the event was enjoyed by over 3,000 spectators who were treated to 14 divers from all over the world diving from a 28 metre platform specially constructed over the island’s Serpent’s Lair.  

Orlando DuqueRedbull-cliff-diving-Orlando-Duque-Mat-Cowen

UK diver Mat Cowen and representing Colombia in the competition, diver Orlando Duque

Jucelino Junior Inis MorRedbull-cliff-diving-Andy-Jones-Artem-Silchenko

USA diver Andy Jones and Russian diver and previous winner from Inis Mor and Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series champion 2013 – Artem Silchenko

Kris Kolanus sequenceJonathan Paredes in a pike positionDavid-Colturi-diving-at-Inis-Mor-Ireland2David Colturi ready to jump

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