Start of the Indian Trip

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We arrived in Jodhpur at around 3 pm of the 22nd Sept,2013.

It definitely was a long trip. After relatively short flight from Dublin to London Heathrow we only had around three hours to change terminals. We started of before six and within half hour I could tell we are going for a bumpy ride. Nothing that double gin and tonic wouldn’t fix.

Landing in Delhi came pretty smoothly and when we managed to pick our bags and head off to taste some Indian air we were stopped by security at the exit. Confirming the officer at charge we just want to come out for a second he nodded his head saying “No problem, no problem, No!” we turned around and head of to look for the domestic flights terminal. This was the first moment Dave could feel like Brad Pitt for the first time(at least in India-I’m not sure if this happened elsewhere before). Maybe it was for blonde hair or simply for the not-so-tanned fair skin after spending summer in Ireland.We had a plan to buy some alcohol at the airport and pack i it to backpacks (this is solely for the digestion purposes of course) but it was nowhere to be found ( this turns to be true to the time of writing it – on a train to Agra – nothing else accept some relatively expensive Kingfisher beer for dinner). Anyway, we landed in Jodhpur safely, got offered some hotels and great deals on the plane at least twice and got ribbed by taxi driver by at least a double. I went to sit on the backseat and went on to look for the seatbelt (still in the EU mode you see). How much was I mistaken to even consider that there will be one?! Well, first 500 metres through the airport gate and further seem relatively all right. Than well, this is where the magic happens and asphalt finishes. You can basically describe it  as an aftermath of bomb explosion that happened day before and nobody seem to notice. Everyone seem to be going their way without noticing one another. The bigger you are (or the transport you are in) the bigger the chances are of your survival. Pedestrians need to look out and allow the way to bicycles, bicycles to bicycle rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws to tuktuks and so on. Driving into a ’roundabout’ in a taxi car feels secure enough and gives you ‘some’ thrills (as long as there is no big trucks coming in at the same time). We survived! Got dropped off at the Clock Tower and waved goodbye but happily overpriced taxi driver. I could only hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ at the back of my head. Yet again I need to repeat it – we survived! Couple holy cows, and rickshaw drivers later  we managed to find our guesthouse. Let’s just say that the room that we’ve looked at an thought we booked online was taken by the owner’s brother who lives there now with his new wife. The other room from the brochure was in the other hotel. Lets just finish this entry and mention we are alive and kickin in Jodhpur and the view of the fort from the rooftop restaurant is well worth the hustle. We’ll be back.

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