Three Jodhpur Days – First Travel Diary from India

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“India has two million gods, and worships them all. In religion all other countries are paupers; India is the only millionaire.” – Mark Twain

When we started organising our trip it was middle of summer in Ireland. None of us realised that it will be so fast when we are already back in the middle of Irish winter with all the Christmas preparation taking place around Dublin. We believe that in those gloomy days some sun, even if only from the photographs might cheer up somebody. You might have read our post from the first leg of the trip in our previous post. These were the first notes I made during the train trip from one place to another and it didn’t really mention much about Jodhpur itself. You might have also seen some shots on our October Wallpaper post.

It’s called ‘Blue City’ for a reason. By tradition the blue colour was introduced by Brahmans, members of the supreme caste in Hinduism. They painted their houses and it turned out it works quite nicely as a bug repellent, so in the meantime others adopted this custom. The city is an island in the Thar Desert, and it is quite visible when you land in the closely located airport. The first feeling you get is that you arrived somewhere closer to Middle East than in Asia.

It was always on my list of places to visit. This summer’s blockbuster ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ only confirmed that. The Mehrangarh Fort is there only for a second but still recognisable if you pay attention closely.If you get a chance – visit the place but be prepared for something extremely different to what you are used to anywhere else outside of India.

This time we present you what is, I believe the biggest post up-to-date. We decided over the quantity to show you this beautiful and so photogenic place, but I sure hope the quality is there as well.

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     super zdjecia!

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    Szacun młody. Super fotki

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    Wonderful pictures , thanks for leading me to watch them !

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    Thanks Guys!

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    dobra robota ;)

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