Time for some action – we had a break from the weddings ongoing this season and managed to escape for the trip to Kerry. The 5th largest of the 32 counties in Ireland – Kerry is named after the pre-Gaelic tribe who lived in part of the present county. Gaelic football is the dominant sport in the county, and Kerry has the most successful of all football teams, yet on our 3 day excursion we had a chance to discuss this with some Irish men and none of them were interested in Gealic nor football – quite interesting. A great trip like that needs great adventure and our car decided to break down in a nice little village called Tarbert. A friendly mechanic gave us a lift to Ballybunion – an Irish summer seaside resort for a day and a half. This being August and this being Irish summer – obviously it rained and was cold. We’ve got to see the statue of Bill Clinton as from what we’ve heard from the locals – there is the 6th best golf course in the world and even president Bill Clinton came for some ‘pitch and put’ game. We’ve seen some golfers – didn’t have a chance to play though – so cannot confirm from all the golfing I did before if it actually is in my top. We managed to get our car back the afternoon of the next day and off we went.

One of the favourite places so far would have to be the tip of the Dingle Peninsula with it’s most westerly point of Ireland at Slea head.

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  • Jen O'Neill via Facebook . August 9, 2012 .

    Some seriously beautiful pics!

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