Urban Chic – photo shot with Sylvia

March 7, 2011.David.0 Likes.3 Comments


As promised on our Facebook site, today we would like to present you our photo shot with Sylvia. It was done 3 weeks ago and we picked two separate locations for this photo session. First one was St. Stephen’s Green car park and the other one was N Wall Quay near O2 Point Theatre. We managed to pull some shots from the parking but than got kicked out as its nearly impossible to shoot anywhere now in Dublin without the permit.  It was great, sunny day for outdoor session and we moved quickly to Point Village and even got ourselves invited for the ride on the Dublin Wheel. I hope that you’ll all like the results of our work with Sylvia.

Stay tuned to our Facebook or Twitter news as in next few days we will show you another backstage video and few backstage photos ;)


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  • steve simpson . March 7, 2011 .

    Nice shots em

  • Peter . March 7, 2011 .

    Thanks Steve, mostly Dave’s shot here as you will probably be able to see in the next post with the backstage video – I was assisting and hell proud of it here ;) What an important job it is.

  • Mania . March 7, 2011 .

    I Like! :)

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