Weekend kitchen experiment

May 14, 2012.David.0 Likes.4 Comments

We have spent all Saturday ‘chasing’ our Ironman – Eoin McDonald on Tri Am Mhi 1/2 Ironman Triathlon in Co. Westmeath. It was a great day. The weather was brilliant and the whole event well organised. However, after whole day of work on Saturday it was time to chill out on Sunday. It was time to have a glass of wine, cook something and relax. Here is the outcome of our cooking experiment.  Recipe by LOVE FOOD ‘Frame by Frame: Quick&Easy’. All pictures were made and post processed with iphone VSCOCam. Great app guys!

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  • justyna . May 14, 2012 .

    mmmmm…looks so yummy!:)

  • Piotr Dybowski via Facebook . May 14, 2012 .

    I’m getting hungry just by looking at it! This needs to become a Big Smoke Studio tradition – Sunday Kitchen Experiment every Sunday, ha!

  • Ania Mac via Facebook . May 14, 2012 .

    was it good? who was cooking this stuff, you or dave ?

  • Big Smoke Studio via Facebook . May 14, 2012 .

    Looks good that for sure. It’s all Dave’s creation so I believe tastes good as well.

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